Well some travel destinations and tours remains the part of entire life. Such traveling and tour comes one in the life. So, before you die and wanted to experience the adventure that last long, plan and trip for best Arctic adventures. There are many adventurous and tour destination like wild safari, hills spots, Amazon forests. Just plan and enjoy the life time experience with the best Arctic adventures.

On a trip to an Arctic area, you can enjoy the sea ride with whales, sea eagles and other beautiful birds. There are chance to see the unique white polar bears, diving, hiking, skiing. In short make a plan and do whatever you can to and enjoy the best Arctic adventures.

Best Arctic Adventures

Arctic Whale Tours

Well the Whale watching is a life time experience, and the Arctic Whale tour will guarantee you to travel with big Whales diving in and out of water. As there are few creatures in this world quite as wondrous, magnificent, and intelligent. And some of the best out there can be found in the Arctic Circle. This particular trek is from Sto, Norway, a 7-hour trip from the city of Tromso. Not only Whales, you can watch other sea birds flying around the blue sea give the nicest sight.

Silfra Diving

Silfra Diving is unique being frozen outside; the deep under water is clearest sea water in the world. It is also the continental divide line between the North American and Eurasian states. The Arctic adventures give the opportunity to snorkel or scuba at Silfra in Iceland’s Thingvellir National Park.

Kvaloya Dog Sledding

An ancient arctic tradition, dog sledding is one of the few activities still around in the modern world that illustrates just how balanced mankind and nature can truly be. And it’s still more efficient than a lot of other forms of travel. The activity does require some skill. The company over there offers with a four-hour tour plus ninety minutes of self-driven dog sledding, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Arctic Snowmobile Tour

While most of the adventures span of a day or two, there are a few that are quite a bit longer. And while they’re not for the faint of heart, they’re definitely a true adventurer’s dream. This Arctic Snowmobiling Tour with Swoop Arctic is one such adventure. For five days, along with trained guides, you’ll ride on the back of a snowmobile traveling at speeds of over 60 mph across Norway’s pristine and isolated Svalbard