Well most of adventurer take the route and select the destination, where is almost less life. So, if the adventure travelers heading to destinations where water is questionable to drink. Then it can ruin their trip, besides the ordinary water bottles will not serve the purpose as well. Because many water related bacteria and germs can harm your health. So what you need is the best purifying travel water bottles. This not only purifies the water but reserved it for few days as well.

Now a day, water bottle companies have gotten smart and are equipping bottles themselves with the technologies. While old traditional methods take too long to do the process. Here are some of best purifying travel water bottles.

Grayl Geopress

Among the best purifying travel water bottles, Grayl Geopress water bottle has all the ability to perform the required function. It has resourceful water purifier and filtration system in one, and the easiest to use and drink from all of the other bottles. It both filters and purifies with a cartridge at the bottom of the bottle to remove 99.99 percent of viruses, bacteria and protozoan cysts (which can cause infections), as well as filtering particulates, many chemicals, and heavy metals.

S2 and S3 Sawyer Select Filters

The S2 and S3 Sawyer Select Filters are taking some getting used to. The soft silicone bottle uses a foam membrane combined with a hollow fiber filter at the top. Squeeze the full bottle for ten seconds to move the water through the system and then you can drink. The S2 system will last for 800 uses and removes viruses, bacteria, protozoa, chemicals, pesticides and general gunk while the S3 system offers 400 uses and removes everything above plus heavy metals.

Nalgene Water Purifier Travel Kit

In the water filter and purifier of Nalgene kit, traveler gets a filter and straw, plus two that fits a wide mouth, 32-ounce Nalgene bottle. After filling the water bottle up, place the straw-and-filter lid back on and drink from there. The outdoor filter uses nano-fibers and electro-absorption to help remove 99.99 percent of viruses, bacteria, cryptosporidium, as well as lead, chlorine, arsenic and other heavy metals or pollutants.

WaterWell Foldable Squeeze Travel Water Bottle

The Foldable Squeeze Travel Water Bottle filters out 99.9 percent of bacteria and parasites. The filter uses a two-stage ultrafiltration system in the straw, which is good for up to 1000 liters of water and is easy to sip through with a good flow of water. Plus, the flexible walls make it easy to squeeze filtered water out into another bottle