The Apps are making the life and work easy, but on the other hand, they can have you all information and data. Especially those Apps, which involve payments by credit cards. Not only that, the Apps by the hotels, travel agencies and other similar apps can pose a big threat for your financial data to be compromised. Even the authentic and big name travel apps are involves in this criminal activity, so don’t share your credit card information or data.

The research says the big companies apps like Hollister, Air Canada, and Expedia, are recording every tap and swipe you make on their iPhone apps. In most cases the user even realize about what is going on with them. Moreover they even don’t ask or need to ask the users permission for that.

Apps on iPhone

During the investigation, one of the apps that engage in screen recording for analytics purposes disclose this to users. That suggests there could be a number of other iOS apps, as well as Android versions too, that use session replays, and in such a way that leaves the information recorded through the app at risk to a hacker or other un-trusted third party.

Apps that are submitted to Apple’s App Store must have a privacy policy, but none of the apps we reviewed make it clear in their policies that they record a user’s screen. It is not odd practice for apps to have the user data. Despite the user has created it t0 target the advertising, or on the name of technical support. Some ask for date to know the locations of customers.

But it seems that, some companied are doing ill to the data and leaking it secretly. However, it looks like some companies have taken their data collection practices to next level. But, they are recording the users screen when you use their iPhone apps as well. So, they are using the software behind the app to collect the information even about your credit card information as well.