Now, this era is the era of smart gadgets. And BladeX ultra slim screen is among the best gadget. The slim screen is laptop, phone and worked as gaming consol as well. Besides that, the screen has more speed and more storage as well. The company Odake comes up with two version, BladeX and BladeX Pro. The standard 1080P Odake BladeX is a touchscreen display. On the other hand, the BladeX Pro version has a 4K display.


Well, if you use the BladeX HDMI or USB-C input, you can plug a wide variety of devices including your laptop, iPad, smartphone, gaming console, camera, and so on.


BladeX Ultra Slim Screen

The team at Odake in Walnut, California has been working for over a year on designing, prototyping and testing. Thus, it describes as the slimmest, on-the-go, touch-screen-monitor, for laptops, tablets, phones and gaming consoles. Basically, almost anything you can connect via USB-C or HDMI.

While, talking about the slimmest screen, BladeX is surely slim; in fact Odake claims that the BladeX is the slimmest monitor ever – at only 4.5 mm. On the other hand, the screen provides stability, durability and stereo speakers as well. Besides that it has the battery and all the connectivity ports. These include a headphone jack, two USB-C ports (one for charging), two Micro-USB ports and the HDMI port.

Thus, The BladeX and the BladeX Pro are physically and structurally identical, with all the same ports. The difference is the screen itself and a monetary difference of course. The BladeX (1080p) has a 1,920 x 1,080 FHD touchscreen. On the other hand, the BladeX Pro (4K) packs a 3,840 x 2,160 4K UHD non-touch screen.

Other than the specs, BladeX and BladeX Pro begin at US$209 and $309 respectively. This price includes all cables and a choice of silver or black color as well.