Corsair’s K83 media keyboard is a wireless keyboard for ultimate gaming and typing solution. Corsair’s newest keyboard, the K83 Wireless, is a new attempt to make a keyboard that can useable in the lap, while playing games. In addition to a laptop-style 76-key keyboard, the K83 also includes a joystick, two shoulder buttons, and a track-pad that supports up to four-finger gestures in Windows 10. The K83 Wireless Entertainment Keyboard is aimed for those who need a good media controller for their smart TV, HTPC or Roku.

While joystick of Corsair’s K83 media keyboard is the best feature. Besides that, it allows navigating menus; the joystick can also be set to be a mouse, which could be very useful in any game. Other than this, it will allow you to control the game’s camera as well.

Corsair’s K83 Media Keyboard

Corsair’s K83 media keyboard there are nothing like the mechanical keys witches but user get low-profile casing scissor switches. The keyboard is backlit, but each key doesn’t have its own RGB LED like on Corsair’s full size keyboards. To complete that gaming controller feel there’s a shoulder button on the top of the keyboard’s right side labeled ‘R’ and a trigger on the back labelled ‘L’ despite also being on the right.

For the time and usefulness, Corsair claims Corsair’s K83 media keyboard battery will allow the user to play and control for smooth 40 hours. And after use it can be recharged using a MicroUSB cable. Besides that, user can connect over Bluetooth or via 2.4GHz using an included USB dongle.

Although the popularity of small form-factor PCs has made it easier than ever to have a desktop computer connected to your living room TV, the fact that so many PC games need to be controlled with a keyboard and mouse has continued to be a problem for would be PC couch gamers.