Contrary to the hot day, summer nights are best for travelling and wondering around. Alongside that, friends and family can have lot of fun at the evenings and nights, somewhere away from the hustle of metropolitan city. So, for that adventurer, you need an ultimate traveler and that Dunraven’s aluminum camping trailer. It is family trailer for six persons. In fact that is great news as it allows more space and more people to travel together.

Besides being spacious, the new Trail Ridge caravan from Colorado startup Dunraven brings clean aluminum design and cozy living to camp. So, it’s a house away from the home.

Dunraven’s Aluminum Camping

The important part of any camping is its interior, it offers a bed set-up in a dual-level L, with two stacked bunks on the wall directly across from the entry door and a third bunk over top the short queen bed on the front wall. The other things include a Standard Trail Ridge appliances and equipment like propane cabin heater, propane water heater. The camping trailer also has a 102-L fresh and gray water tanks, LED lighting and 12V exhaust fan. A 24-innch HDTV and air conditioner are also available optionally.

Now coming to the details of the trailer, it is specifically made for the family as it sizes 18-foot (5.5-m) all-aluminum box. The trailer is designed for families that want to enjoy the outdoors, not just park their trailers there. It has an outdoor kitchen, off-grid power system and standing-height interior that sleeps five to six people. Campers are can dine outdoors or sit inside on the lower beds in case of bad weather.

On the other hand, instead of another teardrop or tiny trailer, company goes bigger with an all-weather trailer. So that five adults and children can have enough space to sleep and sit as well.

Dunraven’s aluminum camping trailer has the Goal Zero Boulder 200-watt panel mounts to the back while driving. Not only has that it removed to set up in the sunniest part of camp. It sends power to the 3-kWh (281-Ah) Goal Zero Yeti battery for storage.