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Talking about world’s most expensive drone for carrying the passengers is Ehang 184, which cost 300,000 US Dollar. Ehang’s engineers put the quadcopter, the Ehang 184, through a battery of tests over the last several months, and with good measure. The company conducted over 1,000 test flights with human passengers, including a 984-foot vertical climb, a weight test carrying over 500 pounds. They test their flight with the distance of 15 kilometers and a high-speed cruising test that reached 130 KM.

Ehang says it is making improvements to the aircraft. More emphasis will be placed on improving passenger experience and on adding an option for manual control, giving passengers with piloting experience the choice to operate the vehicle manually.

Ehang 184 Drone

The Ehang 184 is eco-friendly, as it runs on electricity, and has a flight distance of approximately 23 minutes at sea level. This quadcopters has ability to reach at the height to a maximum altitude of 11,480 feet. While the cursing speed of Ehang 184 drone’s is around 62 mph. The drone is able to carry a passenger weighing up to 264 lbs. Outside of the air conditioning unit and a reading lamp, the most noteworthy amenity is the drone’s downward facing camera. It captures all the action below throughout your less-than-23-minute-flight.

Ehang says the 184, which is all electric, can carry a single passenger up to 10 miles or roughly 23 minutes of flight. The person in the cockpit doesn’t need to do anything, its self piloting drone.  Passengers just have to feed the drone with their destined location; it will automatically fly to that place. The company said that its aircraft is able to take off autonomously, fly a route, sense obstacles, and land. And if anything goes wrong, a human pilot is supposed to step in and take over the controls from a remote command station.