Beside all the scandals and data security matters, Facebook adds new tributes section. The company has made some new changes to the manner it’s handling the memorialized profiles. Friends and family members will be able to continue to post memories of loved ones on their pages. On the other hand, Facebook changed the memorialized profile of people who have died by adding new tribute section. With these changes, Facebook is trying to improve the ways people can remember loved ones on its platform.

The social platform made the changes based on feedback from different religions and cultures, as well as experts and academics.

Facebook Tribute Section

According to the Facebook, more than 30 million people view memorialized profiles every month to post stories, commemorate milestones, and just remember those who have passed away. The tributes section expands on this by creating a separate tab on these profiles. It will enable friends and family to share posts while the original timeline of the deceased is preserved.

Besides that, the new tributes section creates a separate tab on memorialized profiles. So that friends and family can share posts while keeping the original timeline of loved ones who’ve passed away. On the other hand, with Facebook adds new tributes section the inheritance contacts can now moderate the posts shared. They can made changes to the tributes section by changing tagging settings, removing tags and changing privacy settings.

The site is trying to ensure that once an account is memorialized, it doesn’t show up in places that might cause distress.  And all will be done by relying on artificial intelligence

For example, that account won’t be recommended as someone to invite to an event or their birthday reminder won’t be sent to their friends. The platform will also only allow friends and family members to request having an account memorialized.