Well, this era demand more data storage, besides it is striving for secure data storage device as well. filePod is a pocket-sized device for securely accessing multiple cloud storage platforms. Now, you can Secure and access your files anywhere you go when you have the filePod Compact Automatic File Storage Device. It is quite handy and useful device, which provides the user with gives secure file management in a pocket-sized design. Besides that, with filePod, user will be able to see everything from Dropbox to Google Drive to OneDrive and so much more.

On the other hand, coming to security, with a single login, user can get instant access right when need it and all the files in one unified place. Not only that, this device even works offline as well, so user can access the files.


This storage device is small, intelligent, password-secured personal storage device that automatically syncs with all of your cloud storage accounts. Other than this, filePod allows stable access to consumer’s files and intelligently stores and syncs all cloud files. This action can be online and offline as well. This device is light n weight, easy to carry and can be used as flash drive. After a simple set up process, consumers will be able to use one login to access all of their cloud storage across multiple platforms.

So, in order to make systematic way, wanted to get from chaos, this single storage will serve purpose. And you don’t need to have different accounts and storage as well. Coming to its connectivity, Filepod works like a flash drive (using USB). Thus it can be accessed wirelessly over Wi-Fi. So, it is just right for both personal and professional use. Therefore, with it, user can configure access to innumerable Dropbox accounts. It also has built-in support for Dropbox. In-app purchases in the filePod Appstore will provide extended support for BOX, Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive and Amazon Drive.

Besides that, user can have easy access to all files without compromising storage space. This also allows consumers to eliminate the disarray of having multiple copies of files across all different devices. So,it eliminates the need to trust third party vendors with passwords to access all these files.