With the 25 of years of research related to head trauma, Fluid Inside has created an adaptable protective system that is based on the human body’s natural defenses. In order to protect our brain from potentially-damaging impacts, our bodies have evolved to include a thin layer of liquid that serves as a shock absorber of sorts. Fluid inside helmet, Rampage Pro Carbon is meant for protection from head injuries, which are associated with accidents.

When our head hits something hard, or is struck by an outside object, it often causes the brain to slam into the side of the skull. The fluid that surrounds the brain is meant to slow down or prevent that impact from happening, thus avoiding or minimizing the trauma as much as possible.

Rampage Pro Carbon

These special designed bike ride helmets are the ultimate protectors. Company has introduced all-new Rampage Pro Carbon, one of the most technologically advanced helmets on the mountain. These are made for performance innovations, the RPC builds off its race-winning pedigree with a new highly-ventilated design and dual rotational management systems.

The helmets are developed with world-leading scientists and refined by the fastest gravity riders on the planet; it’s ready to dominate the mountain. Well, many say that is new revolution in safety inspired by the most incredible evolution in history. These Rampage Pro Carbon helmets are design to reproduce the human body’s natural protection system (Cerebral Spinal Fluid). In fact, the Fluid Inside is the next generation in helmet safety.

According to the company, the Fluid Inside design takes things one step further by decoupling the helmet and the pods. It allows all of the parts that make up the system to move independently of one another.

Besides that, this feature, further allows it to imitate the protective system found inside the brain, simulating the effects of the CSFs when absorbing both linear and rotational energy created by an impact. This, combined with the Fluid Pods and sports-specific design, makes the system flexible enough to be used for just about any type of activity, including cycling, skiing, mountain biking, and hockey.