The 78-foot vessel’s A.I. assistant “functions much like a sea-bound Alexa, but with the addition of facial recognition alongside the voice control features.” With a partnership between tech association Furrion and Turkish vessel builder Numarine, created Furrion Adonis “The Angel”. It combines neat and stylish pattern with some considerable cutting-edge technology.

The first ever yacht of US$5 million by Furrion Adonis provides luxury and convenience above and beyond other yachts and Superyacht. It relies on re an inclusive onboard AI system called The Angel.

The Angel

Besides all the new techs, the Angle has a facial recognition, voice control, smart mirrors. It also got a touch displays scattered throughout the vessel. Angel makes a luxurious ocean vacation that much more personalized and spectacular.

This super Yacht is a 78-foot (24-m) Numarine yacht at its core. Furrion have customized it well above and beyond basic form, creating an intelligent showcase of marine-grade components and technologies. It also includes the all-new Angel system that’s still under development.

The Angel has an Alexa-like personal assistant designed specifically for life on the move, whether at sea or on land. The system brings together a variety of smart features and information, all accessible the minute you say “Hi Angel” within range of one of the voice-control speakers sprinkled throughout the boat. From there, Angel can deliver news, social media updates, weather and other information, play music in a single room or over the entire yacht-wide Furrion sound system.

Angel uses facial recognition to learn individual preferences and whims so it can automatically adjust settings like temperature, blind opening/closing, and music around each person on board the yacht. It also extends those capabilities beyond the ship deck, suggesting activities, restaurants and sites at stops along the journey.

Angel is also tasked with security, capable of controlling and monitoring all onboard cameras. A ultimate component of the Angel system is Furrion’s Sense TV, a slim HD unit with built-in sound bar and anti-vibration technology eating up the ebb and flow of the sea.