Earlier Yamaha came up with its innovative tri-cycle Tritown, but when they launched it looks different. People called it the futuristic Tritown tri-cycle. The company surely has faith in the three-wheeler’s practicality as it moves through a series of field tests with one eye on a developing a production version. Besides that, this new cycle uses the same Leaning Multi-Wheel technology. That they used in earlier concepts, such as the Tesseract four-wheel motorcycle and the Tricity three-wheel motorbike.

On the other hand, talking about the main difference is the LMW integration. It means that user can lean the Tritown to steer instead of just nudging the handlebars in one direction or another.

New Yamaha Tritown

While, talking about the electric Tritown, it is a battery-powered stand-up scooter that uses the leaning three-wheel technology that Yamaha is increasingly backing. Not only that, it is also the smallest version that started with the Tricity 125 scooter, continued with the Niken and expands further later this year. The Yamaha earlier planned to launch of the production version of the 3CT concept.

Besides the difference, the basis remains the same however, with the leaning mechanism built into the two front wheels and propulsion coming via an electric motor built into the rear wheel, which in turn is powered by a battery mounted on the frame. Thus, the leaning wheel mechanism allows users to lean into turn as if they were on a bike or motorcycle, despite it featuring two wheels at the front.

Coming to the power, The Tritown features a 500w electric motor which receives power from a 380wh lithium ion battery. The electric tricycle has modest range of 32km (just under 20 miles), but can recharge in under 3 hour.

The 40 kg weight motorcycle and cycle, engaged through a locking mechanism on the steering tube. And that is combined with a squeeze of both brake levers, while applying weight to the footboards on either side of the frame. The throttle, meanwhile, is operated by a thumb lever also built onto the handlebars.