On the world of smart gadgets, Samsung is getting head to head with Apple. Earlier, Samsung has launched its Galaxy Watch Active, but before releasing the second version officially leaked details are surfing on the internet. According to the leaked details, Galaxy Watch Active 2 adopts a unique control for the sake of a slimmer design. The Watch Active will be the most advanced consumer smartwatch in the market next to the Apple Watch.

Some says that it will ditch the Apple Watch 4, as it has more features than its rival watch has. The watch will have smooth round edge, not the rotating bezel found on some earlier models.

Galaxy Watch Active 2

The first thing is that, the watch will come in two sizes, 40 mm and 44 mm. On the other hand; the Galaxy Watch Active 2 will feature an ECG app. That app will allow users to take an electrocardiogram without specialist equipment. Besides that, the app will record the wearer’s heart rhythm, and will notify them of atrial fibrillation. After that, the data can be shared with a physician to help diagnose possible conditions.

The leaked pictures show that, the watch will come with a cellular variant as well as a Wi-Fi only model. But it also says that the cellular capability may be indicated, as it is on the Apple Watch Series 4, with a red circular detail on the button. Surely, the leaked images show the red detail but of course it may be a decoration that signifies something else entirely.

Unlike others, the edge buttons are one round and one lozenge-shaped, and these are the home button and back button respectively. Just like the Apple Watch Series 4, if the smartwatch detects a fall it will display an alert on the screen and vibrate to nudge the user. They can dismiss the notification or choose to contact emergency services.

A further detail reveals that both versions will have different battery status. The one with the LTE will have a 340 mAh battery inside and the Wi-Fi model will have a 237 mAh battery.  Besides that for the software the watch will come with version 1.5 of One UI. The One UI update Samsung released for existing smartwatches is version 1.0, so we should see some new stuff on the Watch Active 2.