Garmin after the smart watches for fitness has launched it all-terrain GPS device Garmin Overlander. The Garmin Overlander, all-terrain and all-in-one GPS designed for people who want to explore the remote regions of the great adventures. It comes with built-in topography maps for off-grid guidance covering public land boundaries and 4x4 roads. Initially it is made for countries and regions of North and South America.

Garmin has a new GPS navigation device, and while smartphones may have taken over in-car directions. The company aims to prove that standalone still has its place.

Garmin Overlander GPS Device

Well almost every smartphones and related apps offers GPS features. As, GPS now a basic cell phone feature, and more vehicles rolling off the production lines with built-in satnav systems. So, it is eliminating the role standalone satellite-navigation devices. But Garmin thinks the other way, according to them, the satellite GPS has still got the place for the adventurer and serious outlanders trust of these devices.

According to company, the device has Ultimate Public Campgrounds data, with information on camping locations along with hunting and fishing spots. Since they’re stored locally, the Overlander doesn’t require a data connection in order to serve them up.

Besides that, Garmin allows destinations and trips to be set up from a phone or desktop, and then be synchronized to the Overlander. The seven-inch touchscreen color device also comes pre-loaded with adventure-specific points of interest and campground locations, all available without cell signal.

On the other hand, the GPS device has in-built mini satellite communicator, it allows to communication via text messages regardless of the location. Alongside that, in case of emergency, user can transmit interactive SOS distress signals at the touch of a button. The Overlander also offers custom routing based on your vehicle’s dimensions, and comes with integrated pitch and roll gauges, a digital compass and a barometric altimeter. So this GPS is trust-able and have all navigational solution on the track.