Garmin is updating its line of Forerunner GPS running watches with an entirely new lineup of watches. The Garmin’s fitness watches ranging from the entry-level $199.99 Forerunner 45 to the $599.99 Forerunner 945, which is meant for professional athletes. The Forerunner 45 has gotten the biggest visual changes of the lineup. They have the same round watch-face as the pricier models in the Forerunner lineup.

Not only that, these watches have now some new tracking features for planning exercises throughout the day and support for Garmin’s Coach function. Like all of Garmin’s Forerunner watches, there’s a built-in heart rate sensor and onboard GPS.

Garmin’s Fitness Watches

Garmin updated its beloved Forerunner line with five new models: Forerunner 45, 45S, 245, 245 Music and 945. Beyond the numbers, the watches will appeal to three different types of runners. It includes a beginner (45), someone who casually races or runs (245) and the competitive athlete (945).

Other than these, users can now track their menstrual cycle and log symptoms through the Garmin Connect app. They can opt-in to receive reminders for periods and fertility windows on their Garmin smartwatches or wearable’s.

On the other hand, with its new period tracker, Garmin joins other major fitness tracking apps such as Fitbit and Apple Health in giving their female users an option to track their reproductive health.

According to the details, each watch comes with Garmin’s renowned GPS tracking abilities, in addition to wrist-based heart rate, smart notifications and safety tracking which sends your name + location to your emergency contacts. All of the watches also have auto pause, and laps, calories burned, VO2 max estimate, sleep tracking all on a color screen.

Well among all, the he Garmin Forerunner 945 got some serious updates as well. besides it has 1,000 song storage ability, it features training load focus, Pulse Ox Sensor, Garmin Pay (like Apple Pay), plus its bike power and swim stats.