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After Microsoft has made some changes to its operating system and email style, Google is also making some changes in its Gmail style. Earlier last year, Google told that it is making the Gmail temporary closed for a period of time to make some redesigning. With that announcement for next month, the company is apparently testing legacy features like bundles and reminders in the new Gmail for Android.

Google started Inbox in year 2014 as a kind of incubator for new approaches to email. Rather, it hasn’t been quite so new in the wake of steady Gmail upgrades, which includes April’s big redesign. Correctly, the company is sun setting Inbox at the end of March 2019.


Well, a leaked screen shot by a tech info site, shows an inner build of the revamped Gmail for Android with several Inbox features. In September 2018, the company noted that it would eventually add bundles to Gmail. On the other hand, this organization technique was introduced in 2014 groups together similar emails for users to expand and mass archive. In this example, “Tech news” is bundled together, while travel bundles are also a popular feature in Inbox.

Some tech experts say that, if it true? Google is also making an experiment on reminders that users are able to quickly create and schedule. It’s not clear if these reminders originate from Google Tasks or are powered by the Assistant/Google app back-end. The previous would make sense in light of Tasks addition on the web, but the latter is more widely used.

An additional interesting feature, in fact getting ported is the ability to only show pinned items in the feed.  While, the starring remains in this screenshot, which might be confusing to users as the two actions provide essentially the same functionality. Lastly, another feature possibly making its way to Gmail is “mark all as read.”

The main user will still have an option to try experiments, but that won’t essentially feel the same. Still, it’s not the end to what Inbox represented, especially not if Google is more adventurous with Gmail as a result.