Google is making and updating its devices and services according to the change in technology trends. Now, Google has made is Google Assistant more efficient and accessible to every phone. Google is repetition down on KaiOS. It is the “light” OS that makes low-cost feature phones feel a bit smarter.

The company announced that the Google Assistant will be upgraded with Voice Typing “over the coming months,” allowing KaiOS users to dictate text messages, web searches and basically anything else that uses a text box.

Google Assistant

Talking of KaiOS, it Firrfox based, a Chrome competitor. But it suggests that, how KaiOS appeals to the users, who don’t have even the cheapest Android Go hardware. So, KaiOS and the Assistant can also be set to different languages, according to Google. That means user could read the phone’s menus, icons and settings in English and then talk text and search through the Assistant in Spanish as well.

Google is offering the Assistant in seven new Indian languages: Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam and Urdu.

On the other hand, The Google has placed in Assistant in the Maps app, which it officially unveiled at CES this year. And now Assistant is showing up in possibly a more personal, chatty app, Android Messages. Well the testing of this phenomena, Google demonstrated how in a conversation about tapas, reps were able to find nearby restaurants and send a listing to each other.

For the privacy oriented people, Google reading your personal messages has possibility. As the company says the content of your conversations is never sent to Assistant. Well only the entity listed on the chip you clicked. So, the control will be with users. And users will decide who sees the info you choose. This feature will be accessible for English users worldwide and just for movies, restaurants and for the weather.