This time Google comes up with small and much wanted modification in its Gmail AI and allows it Go search app worldwide. Google Docs’ AI corrections are spreading to Gmail. Google is rolling out a feature in G Suite that will auto-correct “common” spelling errors while you write Gmail messages. On the other hand, the lightweight Google Go search app is now available worldwide. The app is just over 7MB in size, thus the app is meant as a way to find information online for low-powered devices.

So, Google is trying to make the things user friendly like modification for Gmail AI. And besides that the limited access lightweight Google Go to available worldwide.

Google Gmail AI

Google announces that it has improved Gmail’s grammar correction with the help of artificial intelligence, the company announced Tuesday.  So, now instead of having to click on Gmail’s dots menu in the lower right corner and choosing “check spelling” while you write an email, Gmail will start doing it automatically, detecting spelling errors and grammar issues, and even auto-correcting some common spelling mistakes.

Besides that, it is an optional feature and users can undo auto-corrected text if you move quickly. The initial rollout focuses on G Suite’s Rapid Release domains, which’ll see the writing tool, arrive within the next two weeks. It’ll start rolling out to standard (Scheduled Release) G Suite users on September 12th.

Google Go App

On the other hand, the Google Go search app was only limited and it is available worldwide. Now, the app is available now on the Play Store, and Google says it will run on all Android devices running on Lollipop (5.0) and above. Besides the search, the app will remember the searched results as well.

Other than the web search, the app has other discovery features, as well. And these are with the ability to tap through trending topics, voice search, image and GIF search. Beyond that t is a friendly way to switch between languages and the ability to have web pages read aloud, powered by AI.