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Now with this Google Fit Mobile App updates, users can pin the widget to the home screen and get immediate updates. These updates are related to Move Minutes, Heart Points, and other daily statistics. Besides that, the users will also be able to check their last workout on the home screen as well. On the other hand, for manually logging a workout in the journal, users will get an option to adjust their activity intensity to get more accurate Heart Points.

Like Apple, Google is also working hard on its Wear OS and Fitness app. After launching its new Wear OS in August this year, Google has updated the system and redesigned the widgets.

Google Fit

Google Fit on Wear OS is getting guided breathing exercises, which alike on Samsung’s Gear/Galaxy wearable’s, the Fitbit Versa and Ionic, and the Apple Watch. While not a ground-breaking feature by any means, it is nice to see something like this make its way to Google Fit. This new update will allow users to track their progress in a single glance on the Android home screen with new Google Fit widgets.

Google is adding a couple of new features to make it easier to track activity progress and to engage in a bit of relaxation. The first is home screen widgets for the Google Fit mobile app. Now, you can place activity progress meters like minutes walked and calories burned right on the main screen of your Android phone.

The second is a new breathing exercise feature for Wear OS smart watches. Now you can have the perfect record of oxygen consumption rate, the inhaling and exhaling ration. This new feature is the exact opposite of exhausting exercise: a breathing exercise for those moments when you want to calm down. But Google has made this fitness app feature only for Wear OS-only right now.