With so many apps are making it way, it hard to believe what app will be best in securing the data. As technologies going further, more data of app users have been hacked. So, this situation has made the users confused and worried about the apps. They always wonder which to be downloaded or what not to be. In order to solve the issue about how to stop apps from stealing the data, user needs some security tips. Because, that data of customer or users private matter. Here are some security tips about how to stop apps from stealing the data.

So, the question is how can user trust that it won’t steal the data? Sorry to say, there’s no way to tell at face value if an app has darker motives and no protection is foolproof. But there are certainly some security steps which can prevent the apps to steal the data.

How to stop apps from stealing the data

Among many of the security tips, the first one is to use password manager. The strongest passwords are random cords of characters. A series of letters, numbers and symbols in no particular order is difficult to crack, but the sad part is that it is hard to remember that password. This is where a password manager app comes in handy. Password managers keep all your passwords in one encrypted and password-protected app. They also generate and remember strong passwords.  It is one of answer to how to stop apps from stealing the data.

Te other option is to use virtual private network (VPN), on public Wi-Fi. It is an important part of keeping your data safe. Because, VPNs keeps the data from being caught by other people working on the same public network. They can also cover the data transmissions; avoid filtering and censorship on the internet. Another tip to secure your data is to check all the permissions during installation and cancel as much permission as possible in your device settings. User can also search for apps details, reviews and other details about its working and rating. Lastly try to download the app from Google play store or Apple’s stores. So these are some of essential steps to answer the question how to stop apps from stealing the data.