Since Apple has announced its new flagships iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro, fans and users are very eager to know the different specs the phones have. For that reason, iFixit turned its focus to the standard iPhone 11 and teardown it. It cracked the iPhone 11 open to take a look inside, while at the same time figuring out how easy it is for end-users to repair the device. After that it shared its findings of everything that’s inside the latest iPhone 11 lineup.

The teardown says that the iPhone 11 earned points for its relatively easy-to-remove display and the fact that those display swaps don’t happen at the expense of Face ID.

iFixit iPhone 11 Teardown

After the teardown happened, iFixit said that the iPhone 11 has only one connector on the battery. Whereas, there are two cables in the 11 Pro may have been for reverse wireless charging. That feature would allow users to charge other devices by setting them on their phone.

According to the technical company, the iPhone 11 features a new double-decker logic board, just like the Pro model, which hasn’t been seen on the mid-size line before. On the other hand, iFixit says that the phone has enhanced camera features and it has upgraded wide and ultra-wide sensors and lenses found on the Pro and Pro Max. These features include faster shutter speeds, a wider ISO range and Night Mode capability.

Other than this, they said that iPhone 11 Pro Max has 4GB of RAM. However, it says this finding is “very non-definitive.” There was no sign of the extra 2GB of RAM that is rumored to be dedicated to the phone’s cameras. On the other hand, they confirmed it that, the phone has a 25 percent bigger battery than iPhone XS Max. It’s a 3969mAh model that runs at 3.79V for a total of 15.04Wh of power, a 2.96Wh improvement over last year.