Apple has launched its latest operating system iOS 13 recently, besides it has many functions it also warns the user on deleting apps as well. Experts say that Apple made serious changes to iOS subscriptions to make it more user-friendly. Now, there is another subscription-related feature rolling out with iOS 13. In fact, when you attempt to delete an app on the upcoming mobile platform, a pop up will let you know if it still has an active subscription.

Not only that, the pop-up also informs you when your subscription is up for renewal. The iOS 13 beta 2 is available for download from Apple if you’re a developer, or have access to a dev account.

iOS 13 and Deleting Apps

Coming to the details, If you’re about to delete an app that you’re still paying for every month, the chances are that you’re not really taking advantage of your subscription. Once the notification pops up, you’ll be able to take instant action. You’ll have the option stop from deleting the app in case you still want to use the subscription on that device, or to cancel your subscription.

Alongside that, it includes a “Manage Subscription” button that takes you straight to your subscription list. And you can cancel your subs from that page as well.

Well, the notification asks you if you want to keep your subscription for the app in question and informs you when the subscription will be renewed. On the other hand, the message notes that the subscription will remain active, which means the service can be used on other devices. Well, it is for those situations where you want to remove an app from the iPad and keep on the iPhone or the other way around.