Well the Final Rolex to James Bond’s used submariner watch is going to be auctioned. The 1989 film, “License to Kill” starred Timothy Dalton in his final appearance as British spy. It was also the last movie in the series in which Bond wore a Rolex. This relation got broken after six years later, when Pierce Brosnan had an Omega on his wrist and the partnership between Bond and Omega has persevered into the current James Bond.

The Fellows has announced to have an auction out this last Rolex submariner watch ref. 5513 on its hands, along with Rolex papers. Not only the watch but also the different rare photos from the set of the film, with a book about the production of the film, and a certificate of authenticity from EON Productions (the company that has produced License to Kill).

The Submariner in question, a reference 5513 on the matching Oyster bracelet, was worn by Timothy Dalton’s stunt double as James Bond waged war with Franz Sanchez, the leader of a Mexican drug cartel. The fact that this wasn’t the watch worn by Dalton himself might make the watch less appealing to some, but knowing that it saw some real life action might actually make the watch more appealing to others.

Well Fellows are expecting to get £60,000 – £90,000 which approximately $80,000 – $120,000. If you wanted to remember something besides Toyota Lexus and other from the world of ’80s, the other  best things that could be remembered was both the 5513 and License to Kill have held up pretty well and it will be interesting to see how this watch performs when bidding opens on October 30.