JLab is among the best competitor when it comes earbuds. The company has introduced its new pair of wireless earbuds Epic Air Sports. According to some, the JLab audio gives a simple solution to competing with wireless earbud heavyweights like Apple and Samsung. It just introduced truly wireless Epic Air Sport earbuds, whose centerpiece is a claimed 70 hours of total battery life

These are the Epic Air Sport earbuds are epic by name and epic by nature. The 70 hours of charging means almost three days of uninterrupted listening.

Epic Air Sport Wireless Earbuds

According to the details, the 70 hours charging means 10 in the earbuds themselves and another 60 available through the charging case. If it lives up to the lofty estimates, you could easily blast tunes for a week before having to plug the case in. Users may also use the case’s built-in 2600 mAh battery to charge other devices besides earbuds using the integrated charging cable. JLab Audio offers the Epic Air Sport with a two-year warranty with the starting price of $149.

On the other hand, user can also expect on-the-spot EQ adjustment as well as a “Be Aware” feature that allows the user to hear the outside voices or noises. If you need to hear the sound of nearby traffic or want to have a conversation with someone without pausing your music.These earbuds have touch control, thus offers smooth control options. Not only that, the  EQ3 Sound allows you to get the sound just right without needing an app.

Coming to its design, the Epic Air Sport is designed for the sort of active person. For those who’d otherwise consider the Powerbeats Pro and other workout-friendly buds. The Epic Air Sport Wireless Earbuds are IP66-rated. It means that it withstand your sweat and dust proof. Alongside that, their over-ear hooks should keep them in place while you’re lifting weights at the gym.