Besides that you have got the best bike, you also need the best safety helmets as well. Not only safety, this modern day life demands tech oriented helmet as well. And for that consider Joe Doucet’s Sotera concept helmet. The Joe Doucet’s Sotera concept helmet might very well be the future of moto safety. These tech helmets features the functional design with a smart LED light panel that increases visibility and alerts surrounding drivers of a motorcyclist’s status.

While known as the high tech bike helmet, it is designed to take a more active approach to safety by working to keep crashes from happening in the first place.

Joe Doucet’s Sotera Concept Helmet

On the other hand, revealing the coloring and change in the color format are the indicators. This helmet will not automatically avoid hazards, but it can help avoid becoming one.

The bottom half of the helmet consists of a large LED panel, which is connected to accelero-meters integrated into the head-lid. So, when the sensors detect the bike is braking, the panel turns bright red, to notify drivers and riders behind that the motorcycle is slowing. Other than this, it will also glow white during normal riding conditions, to improve visibility at steady-state speeds or during acceleration.

Considering all the details, there is a draw back as well. If its focus is truly on safety, then it should be a full-faced helmet. This design exposed the chin and face exposed to potential danger. For now, the Sotera is just a concept, but Doucet hopes the forward-thinking idea will inspire major manufacturers to consider similar tech