Well, it’s like fun going to office. So, it’s not like the usual type of routine either going to office or anywhere. Jyroball launches super-compact, spherical electric monowheel. It’s an electric ball you can ride to work. It has a weight of 20 lb (9 kg) and folding into a 10-inch-diameter (25-cm) ball for transport. Therefore, the Jyroball is a super-compact self-balancing urban monowheel that its creators say is one of the easiest yet to learn to ride.

The ball is a spherical, self-balancing electric vehicle that can travel at more than 12 mph. It looks like a large soccer ball or basketball with retractable foot platforms coming out of its core.

Jyroball Electric Ball

Moby has introduced a rideable rubber ball, which works with pioneers from the weird rideable market like the inventor of the self-balancing unicycle launched back in 2005. However, Jyroball doesn’t claim to be a hoverboard or other one-wheel vehicles (like the easy-to-remember OneWheel skateboard that recently released a smaller 27-inch long Pint version), but its own category.

The vehicle’s rotating ball shape is supposed to allow for nimble movements and since it’s self-balancing, theoretically you just have to move your body to move forward. But that can often be easier said than done, and depending on your skills it can take many sessions attempting to master riding the rechargeable ball.

In function, it’s much the same as other monowheels, offering a range of 14 mi (22.5 km) from a single 2.5-hour charge. Besides that, it carries riders up to 220 lb (100 kg) at speeds up to 12.4 mph (20 km/h) and handling inclines up to 15 percent. In form, it’s impressively tiny thanks to a compact 500-watt motor, making for a low center of gravity and easy carrying once the pedals are retracted and carrying handle is extended.