Klipsch has recently introduces its first T5 true wireless earbuds. At $199, these True Wireless offer most of what you need in a pair of true wireless earbuds, includes a pretty cool Zippo-like charging case. It has been making in-ear headphones for a while and has some patented oval-shaped tips to help you get that tight seal. Other than this, Klipsch has a rich history, and that comes through in its aesthetic choices that have retro elements without feeling contrived. Therefore, True Wireless recalls the original Klipschorn word mark, the first speaker made by Paul W. Klipsch.

Well, these earbuds lives a range of wireless speakers and headphones that bring together decades of experience designing great speakers. Other than this, they are with latest wireless audio technology.

Klipsch T5 True Wireless Earbuds

While, coming to design, these earbuds are beautifully built, alongside with elegant charging case.  Besides that, the charging is like a fat Zippo lighter with its brushed metal surface and iconic flip-top lid. The front of the case is laser-etched with the Klipsch logo and a discreet strip of three white LEDs indicate when the batteries are charging.

Not only this, there are three LEDs, allows the estimate on how much battery is left and there’s a USB-C jack around back when you need to plug in. whereas, the case battery is rated at 360mAh and it can recharge the T5 earphones three times before needing to be recharged itself. On the other hand, there is USB-C connection at back for topping up the lithium-ion battery inside the charging case.

The earbuds are IPX4 rated for sweat and moisture, Klipsch situated on-board controls on both sides. While, coming to the functionality, on pressing the right, user can play/pause (single press), increase volume (long press) or skip to the next track (double press). While, for the left, a single press activates your voice assistant of choice, a long press decreases volume and a double press goes back to the previous song.