Moving around the world feeds allows you to have more experiences. But sometimes by air travel can be dull and uncomfortable. In order to make traveling by air a more relaxing experience, Layer has come up with the Move Airbus Seat concept. These seats let the travelers, full control of their temporary home for the duration of the flight.

Layer has developed a smart textile for use in Airbus’ economy class seating. That would give passengers to monitor and control their seat conditions using their phone. The seating concept, called Move.

Layer Move Airbus Seat Concept

Layer Move Airbus Concept seat are specifically made to enhance the experience of economy class on short to mid-haul flights. Presently it is on model stage, each chair is made up of a knitted, one-piece sling seat secured over a lightweight perforated composite frame.

The Move airline seats are made with pressure-sensitive conductive fiber and zones of unstable density for different levels of support. Throughout the flight, the Move seat will adjust automatically based on a passenger’s height, size, and movement to provide a stable, comfy ride.

For best heat regulation, the seat cover is made from a polyester wool blend, which is wrapped over an aircraft grade aluminum and carbon fiber frame. besides that,with the app-controlled seats, user has liberty to make an adjustment with seat tension and temperature. Not only that, these seats have height-adjustable tray tables that can rotate out for half or full-size options. The Move seat is currently in the prototype stage.

other than this, the app analyses the data collected by the sensors, and sends targeted messages to the passenger telling them how they can make their comfort better. The smart cover also has zones of differing density knit to offer different levels of support to the body.