Many people feel sort of disappointment earlier they have Lenovo smart clock. But not now, Lenovo and Google are correcting it with an update that allows the Smart Clock to showcase your Google Photos collection. If users have earlier versions, it should auto-update at some point. Once that happens, uses can set the Smart Clock to show your Google Photos images when idle. If you don’t use Google Photos, you can choose to see “featured” photos directly from Google instead.

Now, you can swipe through screens that show you the weather, your calendar and your commute. It will even suggest alarms based on your first scheduled meeting the next day.

Lenovo’s Smart Clock

Google’s Nest Hub smart display has been able to function as a digital photo frame for a while now. So, for user it will be a pleasant to see the Lenovo Smart Clock finally get this feature, too. Its smaller 4-inch screen may not make it the best digital photo frame on the market, but it’s nice to have this feature available. Therefore, users can look over and see your favorite images on your bedside tablet if they world like.

According to Lenovo and Google, users will be able to have continued conversations without having to say “Hey Google” before every question. Lenovo previously worked with Nest cameras, but now it works with most other Assistant-compatible cameras as well. And the dual-purpose screen will display your Google Photos.

The changes make the Lenovo Smart Clock a more capable smart home hub, but they don’t impact the price. It’s now available for $59.99 in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Australia and Japan. That’s significantly less than other hubs, like the Echo Spot and Nest Hub, which sell for $130.