The fall has its own beauty, the air become crispy, fresh and we all can sense a new beginning. But this season’s change also comes with changes to our complexions. The time shifts to dry, dehydrating weather and stress of working or studying, so our skin and bodies can easily devitalize. By the time fall rolls around, the days become shorter, the nights get cooler, and there’s a little less dampness in the air than before. Fall is a great time for outdoor activities.

Beside all, autumn is also a great transitional period for the skin. It’s the time when you should be moisturizing and recovering from any sun damage you’ve experienced during the summer, while also preparing your skin for the dry winter months. Here are few tips to avoid such things and prepared for winter.

Use Body-Wash not Soap

Soaps and shower gels may smell nice, but most of them aren’t doing any good to your dry skin. In the spring and summer, you might get away with washing your skin with a basic type of soap. But as soon as the temperature drops and the air gets dry, your skin is going to quickly become dehydrated and that can become very uncomfortable. So, fall is a time, when you should switch yourself to start using creamy body washes with moisturizing properties. You can also use an oil-based scrub to exfoliate with as well, especially at the beginning of the season so that you start fall with skin feeling soft and refreshed.

Use Sunscreens

Just because the sun isn’t as extreme in fall as it was in spring and summer, doesn’t mean that you are protected from its rays, especially if you have fair skin. So, it is suggested that start applying sunscreen before you go outdoors for extended periods of time and stick to SPF 30 or higher. You also want to make sure that your sunscreen provides you with broad spectrum SPF, meaning that your skin is shielded from both forms of UV rays. The Sunscreen is a daily vital, so don’t set it aside.

Start Using the Skin and Hand Cream

The skin creams are little thicker than lotions, which can act as a wall against wind and dry air. Moreover, most skin creams are loaded with antioxidants and B, C, and E vitamins that become absorbed by your skin, effectively nourishing it. Skin creams are also good at helping prevent water loss, which further increases your fight against dehydration. Now’s a good time to also start using face cream as well. While the research behind them actually reversing the effects of aging is sketchy at best, they are full with different vitamins and minerals that keep your skin hydrated while helping you keep a healthy glow throughout the autumn months. Beside the skin or face, keep your hands healthy and protected because they also expose more to the sun. So have a hand moisturizer with you, carry it in your bag or briefcase, or place it on your desk at work. Just have it accessible so that you can moisturize your hands when they start becoming dry and itchy.

Start Wearing Lip Balm with SPF

Lips are also very sensitive and important part of body, so don’t ignore your lips during the colder months. Get some lip balm or chap-stick to keep them hydrated and protected during fall and winter. After all, there are only a few things that are more uncomfortable than a pair of chapped lips.

Eat hydrated Meal

While, moisturizing and protecting our skin can help prevent dehydration, hydrating our tissues from the inside out is also excellent. An autumn-proofing diet includes increasing moisture-rich foods such as leafy greens, water-rich fruits, and healthy fats beside that you have to avoid substances which make you dehydrated like caffeine, alcohol, dry meats and starches. Use healthful soups and stews are both beneficial and warming making them ideal autumn meals.

Bolster Blood Flow

The cold weather constricts our blood vessels (vasoconstriction); our circulation is often impeded this time of year. Poor circulation results in a dry and devitalized look to our skin because our blood nourishes it, bringing oxygen to our skin cells and transporting wastes away from them. Proper blood flow keeps our complexions healthy, detoxified and bright. In order to have smooth blood circulation and combat pastiness, we should use skincare containing blood-invigorating ingredients. Natural additives such as ginseng, lemon oil, vitamin C and ginger are all excellent for encouraging circulation.