Watches are always the part of men since they arrived. Many men still prefer to wear wrist watches, along their dressing. They always have such collection of watches, which match their personality and suiting’s. For the wrist watch lover, they need a proper guidance to brands that are making their mark in trendy watches.

So, for those who wanted the watch, which should be stylish, handy and presentable to carry, here are some reputable micro-brands, to make your look more stylish. Now, it up to you, which brand and style you pick to make your day worthy.


The French company uses Asian manufacturing and movements to keep costs below. Being less in price, their watches capture the core of vintage timepieces, boiling design elements into a retro concentrate of sorts. Take for instance their newest the Aquascaphe, a tool watch that recalls several different dive watches from the 1960s. So, Baltic’s wrist watches are heritage and have Simplicity but trendy.


Monta, a maker of bombproof, higher-end steel sports watches, is prospering. Monta’s watches have large, visible dial markings and numerals and are powered by Swiss movements. And, after push-back on their pricing, they’ve adjusted their Ocean-king and dropped its price. It’s the highest form of tool watch yet from a micro-brand.


Well, the six-person team at Scottish brand anOrdain builds an entire watch around this process. Their Model 1 is a three-handed automatic in a 38mm case. Everybody is fascinate by its vibrant dial, whether in post office red, iron cream, translucent blue, pink, or Hebridean blue.


Made in Italy using Seiko movements, Unimatic’s watches are a modest, affordable response to the vintage timepiece trends. With their latest creations, the U1-E, adds more markings and lines to both bezels and dials. This watch comes up with simple design bones of the great dive. Unimatic watches are anti-magnetic and water-resistant to 300 meters, or their made-to-order options, which include engraved cases.


Weiss has given the solution to best and modern wrist watches. The brand has been on top for the last ten years. Their 42mm American Issue Field watch has a case, dial and sapphire crystal made in the US,and its Cal 1003 movement is mostly manufactured in the US, too. Their new 38mm Field Issue opened their classic design to those with smaller wrists, and they just released a very limited edition “Gauge Series” with a cool new, Land Rover-inspired look.