Well earlier Microsoft launched its Windows 10 Timeline feature a year ago. That allows the users, to sync browsing and app history between Windows 10, iOS, and Android devices. But, then it was only limited to Microsoft’s Edge browser on the browsing history side. There is good news, recently, now they have released its own official Microsoft Chrome extension for Windows Timeline.

Dubbed Web Activities, the extension will sync and show your Chrome browsing history across Windows 10 devices. So, user can use the built-in Timeline viewer.

Microsoft’s new Chrome Extension

Chrome has its own way of syncing browser history between sessions. But Microsoft’s solution bakes it into the Windows 10 taskbar making it a bit easier to access. The payoff, of course, is that user will have a copy of your browsing history sent to Microsoft. After that, which may just feel a concession too far for those who value their privacy. Microsoft’s Chrome extension is made simpler this by building it directly into the Task View feature of Windows 10. And that can be accessible from the taskbar or by using winkey plus tab.

To take advantage from the feature, user have to do is download the extension Web Activities and then log-in with your Microsoft account. The rest is Chrome browser history. This extension syncs the Windows 10’s Timeline feature to Google Chrome in the same way it’s been doing with Microsoft Edge. According to report, Timeline support to Chrome has been a “top insider request” since Timeline was launched in April of last year.

Critically, this worked between devices, which means that user could open a document on the desktop and continue editing it on the working. But with only Microsoft Edge supported, the browsing history element of the feature was considerably undermined. Despite being installed on the 40% of desktop and laptops that use Windows 10, Edge is only used by 4.6% of the world as a whole.