The traveling means exploring, more you travel more you gain. But sometimes you need a time off from the busy routine and wanted to spend few days with own-self. Well here is the solution for you, the Terra Trek camping trailer tows as a multi-talented mobile base-camp. For the ride, it pushes down for a lower, more compact ride.

Terra Trek is made up of explorers with a background in geological mapping and professional outback touring. Using their comprehensive back-country knowledge and experience, Terra Trek has built the ultimate traveling base-camp: the Terra Trek’s Camping Trailer.

Terra Trek’s Camping Trailer

On the other hand, it rides on a rock-solid, mil-grade hot-dipped galvanized chassis and eats up all types of terrain inconsistencies with a patent-pending long-travel independent suspension with Old Man Emu springs and shocks. Terra Trek’s suspension system shares components with the Toyota Land Cruiser, making it easier to repair around Australia and beyond.

At camp, the roof-top tent opens to make a sleeping space. Not only that, it has an outdoor kitchen, with solar-backed power system, supplementary tent room and has enough space for families and group. Terra Trek’s Camping Trailer as a very simple, traditional yet modern camping trailer design.

The TTE’s sealed aluminum body is largely dedicated to storage, housing various compartments and a slide-out kitchen with pumped-water sink and dual-burner stove. The nose box holds the hot water shower system and 105-L fridge just around the corner from the primary kitchen area.

The Terra Trek’s has a pair of 110-Ah AGM batteries and a Redarc battery management system. The solar panel can be used to keep those batteries topped up during extended stays away from the grid.

Coming to Other standard and available equipment’s, the camping trailer has 90- and 70-L under-mounted stainless steel tanks. It also has R16 mud-terrain tires, with four 20-L cans, a chassis-mounted spare wheel. Besides all, the trailer has a Hi-Lift jack points and a big internal storage area with tie-down.

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