When you talk about high tech headphones, it means they are heavy, but MrSpeakers Ether 2 headphones are lightweight and high-end. Well, the Ether series has always has a spacious, delicate quality attached with. And the Ether 2 takes those aspects to another level. The Ether 2 shows many technical qualities that electrostatics is known for. Among

The Ether 2 differs from the original Ether and Ether Flow in that it now sports all-new drivers.  The leather-covered ear pads have lavishly finished.

MrSpeakers Ether 2 Headphones

The Ether 2 has fantastic imaging, instrument separation and soundscapes. While the performance doesn’t feel necessarily wide, its airy presentation, quick drivers and liquid black background create immense sense of depth and layering. On multi-instrument acoustic songs and complex electronic tracks, everything stays clear and separated to the point where it can be hard to know what to focus on.

The materials remain high end, though, with a metal frame around the ear cups, a carbon fiber driver baffle, headphones can be twisted and turned in all sorts of ways and will still remember its original shape.

The headphones feature a few interesting technical enhancements and technologies developed by MrSpeakers. Some of them are used on some previous MrSpeakers headphones and some of them are completely new and upgraded.  Besides that, headphone is equipped with features like V-Planar diaphragm, True Flow, HIROSE connectors, Nitinol memory metal headband.

It’s much lighter than the aluminum arch you can find on Audeze or HIFIMAN headphones. The head strap is made of leather and it has a bunch of perforations. The intention was to make it more breathable and comfier. All these design enhancements made the Ether 2 headphones so light. In fact, they made them lighter than any other pair of planar magnetic headphones on the market. Ether 2 headphones weigh only 290g (10.2oz).