A brand named Nawa has just revealed an electric motorbike with a smart hubless rear wheel and a lot longer range than most other e-bikes. Though, the one-off “Racer” model is intended to support the firm show off what it markets is ultracapacitors. Here are the important key features of the Nawa hybrid e-bike.

It is a zero-emission electric café racer with a hubless rear-wheel motor and a ‘hybrid’ battery system. Coupling next-gen ultracapacitors with a lightweight 9-kWh battery, it possesses a 300-km (186-mi) urban range and superbike-level acceleration.

Nawa Hybrid e-Bike

The NAWA racer is inspired by 1960s café racers but is powered by a world-first ‘hybrid’ battery system, which connects the company’s next-gen ultracapacitors with lithium-ion batteries. It gives ten times more potential and five times more power than previous ultracapacitors that unleash the potential of a hybrid battery, making tremendous productivity enhancements.

Nawa Hybrid e-Bike

The prototype won’t ever be sold, but Nawa desired to show what its most advanced ultracapacitors can do. To best exhibit the tech, it built a split “tank” design with the ultracapacitor unit in the top slot and the conventional battery down below. Because they’re made of carbon, the ultracapacitors are comparatively economical and weigh just 10 kg, yet they increase range by up to 65 percent or so. To get that sort of range with a conventional battery, it would seriously raise the weight and expense.

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The technology is most useful in stop-and-go city driving. “It only saves a little amount of energy, but it’s being used very efficiently,” Nawa CEO Ulrik Grape revealed. “We’re pumping that ultracapacitor in and out the whole time through acceleration and braking.”

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Unlike with a conventional rigid battery, NAWA racer’s NAWAcap pack can also be detached and exchanged for various levels of performance, enabling riders to tune their bike’s features. NAWA racer also highlights a ‘race’ mode, which gives a boost of ultracapacitor power and a ‘race’ mode produced to provide the rider the advantage on the return journey (or to overtake slower traffic in every day driving). There is also an ‘eco’ mode, where energy healing is further maximized.

Nawa Hybrid e-Bike price and release date

Its innovative technology enables NAWA racer to re-use 80 percent of the energy otherwise lost in braking, giving a 300km urban range and carries weight savings of 25 percent marking the first time an electric motorbike has used ultracapacitors, NAWA technologies’ hybrid battery system is completely scalable and can be implemented to any EV.

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Nawa latest e-bike with ultracapacitor
Nawa latest e-bike with ultracapacitor