The old one is back on road with style and attitude. Once this design of Airstream aluminum travel caravan hits the US roads, and now once again it is making its way to join you on adventure.  The modern resurrection of the 1930s classic camper immediately garnered captivated attention and the company established itself as a new player with a historically rich background. Now it is launching its biggest, most-advanced, and most expensive trailer yet, the Road Chief Endless Highways.

So, the Bowlus brand returned to the market in 2014 with a new-and-improved Road Chief travel trailer. The Road Chief Endless Highways Edition has built-in battery power; it can go off the grid for up to a week at a time.

Bowlus Road Chief Endless Highways Edition

With same old style of 1930s, the Bowlus comes up with modern and latest facilities and services. While talking about them, the camper has  the lithium iron phosphate battery can power the Road Chief for up to a week off the grid, as long as you don’t run the A/C.

Besides that, the Road Chief Open Highways has heated floors, continuous hot water, and remote power management via mobile device or the internet. The system has a cellular booster, cellular modem with a SIM card, and a private Wi-Fi network capability.

Now, Bowlus has announced its newest model starts at $185,000, a $48,000 up-charge from the base-level Road Chief On the Road model, which starts at $137,000. The travel partner is durable; it has desirability, and endurance of the Road Chief’s brand, design, and quality.

On the tech manufacturing front, it 309 inches long, the Endless Highways model is roughly two feet longer. On the other hand, it’s 80 inches wide, 102 inches tall on the exterior (76 inches of height on the interior), has a base weight of 3,300 pounds, and has a GVWR of 4,000 pounds. It has a hitch weight of 200 pounds, and a net carrying capacity of 700 pounds. It can sleep four and dine four, and it has the capacity for 19 gallons of fresh water.