Now, get ready and plan an adventurer tour with world best new SylvanSport Vast camping trailer. The new SylvanSport Vast trailer is in fact a futuristic model on the traditional camper. Not only that the Vast trailer is the number one RV for Outdoor Adventure at this year. The Vast is a transformers-inspired trailer that features endless facilities.

New SylvanSport Vast camping trailer is multi-functional. It says that it is built for three-in-one version from the ground-up to be as versatile as possible. The travel Trailer is with maximum potential of the living space.

New SylvanSport Vast Camping Trailer

While talking about features, space that this Go trailer is offered, you find plenty of things in the packable mode. Just like the Go trailers, new SylvanSport Vast camping trailer is a dual-purpose toy-hauler and camper. Only this trailer packs even more multi-functional cleverness to effectively fill both roles. It has an indoor and outdoor sliding kitchen, lift-away and convertible queen size beds, and sliding sofa. These all things altogether creates one of the most effective space optimizer camping trailer.

Coming to the impressive kitchen, the kitchen has a bamboo prep area, a two-burner gas stove, with a moveable refrigerator and freezer, and a sink. After the kitchen extended, it also creates a shower area in the bathroom. Beside the kitchen, the inside space is there for folding table that can be extended to allow more dining space. For sleeping, the backrest folds down and converts into a queen-sized bed. There is also a roof-mounted sleeping area on a motorized lift.

On the other hand, the exterior is also striking; the bright green color scheme and plastic nose box design keep the 21.5-foot is its identity.  The SylvanSport Vast camping trailer is equipped with a custom composite skin over insulated interior walls supported by an aluminum frame. The corners of the boxy structure are double capped for leak-free waterproof integrity.