Its summers, its beach time, people round the world travels to different beach towns to enjoy their vacations. But some beach town residents are lucky, as they don’t need to go anywhere. Tourists who are looking for beaches, but not interested in messy and crowdy beaches, there are some peaceful beach towns in America. Where they can enjoy the cool sea breeze. Besides that they can swim, lying down on sand, playing volleyball and can hold the favorite beer in the hand and enjoy the day.

So after careful research, here are few beautiful beach towns in America. These beach towns include East Coast, York Beach- ME, Cape May-NJ, Rehoboth Beach-DE, Southeast Costs, Folly Beach- SC and Pensacola Beach-FL.

East Coast

The East Coast of the US is known for more humble beginnings, where glitter and gold take a backseat to century’s old lighthouses, wooden boardwalks, and salt water taffy. These are the seasonal beach towns you’ve read about; sleepy communities that awaken come May. It’s one of calmest and peaceful beach town.

York Beach, ME

The town of York has three beautiful beaches that are separated by picturesque Cape Neddick. York is quintessential sleepy beach town that comes alive during the summer months. Choose from many of the area’s beach cottages, inns, and bed and breakfasts for the weekend, and please, please make sure you get yourself some fresh seafood while lobster in particular.

Cape May, NJ

Too often, and unfortunately, associated with the God-awful reality TV show that bears the same name, Cape May, for instance, is part of the latter regions. In fact it’s located on the southern most point of the New Jersey coastline, therefore maintaining a colonial Victorian charm throughout the town. Be sure to check out the Cape May Lighthouse as well, giving you unprecedented views of the Atlantic to the east and the Delaware Bay to the west.

Rehoboth Beach, DE

The classic East Coast vacation, filled with salt water taffy, wooden boardwalks, amusement parks, and soft serve ice cream. Yes it is Rehoboth Beach, there’s no better place in the Mid-Atlantic region than it. It has some beautiful beach cottages for weekly or monthly rentals for seasonal industry workers, to restaurants lining the beachfront; this is classic beach Americana at its finest.


Well, from North Carolina all the way down the Florida coastline there lie thousands of miles of all sand beaches and beach towns to boot. Life here is on the slower side, where humble beginnings and southern charm lead the way. The coastline is also horizontal to hurricanes during the late summer and fall months, so a preparation kit should be in order alongside the sunscreen, bottled water, and Panama hat.

Folly Beach, SC

For a taste of southern history to go along with your beach vacation, be sure to check out Folly Beach located just south of historic Charleston on the South Carolina coastline. Boasting some of the most picturesque sunrises and sunsets in the nation, this sleepy little southeastern town will reel you in its warmth and capture you with its charm.

Pensacola Beach, FL

This is warm water, and beach atmosphere to breathe, Pensacola has come a long way since its heyday as a Spring Break destination. Located along the between the Florida, the warm Gulf Of Mexico keeps this town in vacation mode for the majority of the year while gentle surf makes swimming a more relaxing activity. And with the food on point, the nightlife rich, and the weather warm, it’s the next best thing to a Caribbean vacation.