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Normally, when anyone thinks and making plan to lose weight, they confuse it with fat reducing. So after sometimes you released that you are just losing muscles but the fat chart is the same. You’re losing muscle and not fat, then you may need to make some changes to your diet and exercise to counteract this. This is time when you must know that where you are doing it wrong and why this is happening. Here are some of the reasons which can cause your body to lose muscles:

Doing too Much Cardio

Besides the Cardio is best for your health, but there are certain ways that it can put a stop to the progression of your muscle gains, for example if you are doing too much cardio, or you are over doing it, or rather you are doing with an empty stomach. Because doing cardio every day will burn lots of calories, which are needed to build body, mass.

So try to have short cardio session or do with something in your stomach, because some muscles that were lost can’t be recovered by eating or taking extra supplements. So, maintain your cardio exercises like jogging, swimming, walking with balance gym exercises, which will help you to maintain your muscles.

You are Not Stretching

The other reason that can cause in muscle lost that you are not doing stretching, for muscles relaxation, stretching is very important. Fitness experts and trainers say that those who neglect or avoid doing stretching after doing a workout, results in mass lost, so if you don’t stretch the muscles will not recover. So, after exercising you must do stretching for minimum of 15 to 20 minutes. Experts says that stretching is a best way to maximize the muscle recovery and enhance the muscles motion by giving enough room to make the muscles fibers to grow more.

Not Eating Properly or Enough

Well one the foremost reason of losing muscles is that you are not eating properly, healthy or you are giving too much gap between your meals. Eat more is not a solution but eat proper, eating right meals or taking rich calories are the best thing for your muscle’s growth. So, you need more proteins, but you should overdo it, that taking too much protein than usual, so in order to reduce the muscles lost, you must take calories more than 2000 daily. Other than if you are exercising, don’t over eat in afraid that you are losing muscles. Just eat proper and balance diet with or enough pauses in between your meals. It is recommended by nutrition experts that if you’re working out, try to have 6, 7 small meals with not much gap.

Burn Fat Not Weight

One of the main reasons, why you are losing your muscles is that you are mixing or confused with the term called weight gain means fat gain. Gaining fat is different than gaining weight. That can be achieved by taking some procedures, eating more protein, balance exercise, don’t stick to exercise of few selective body muscles etc. According to experts, it says that male body should have 10% of body fats, so keep record of it, it will help you to lose fat not weight.