Well, the technology that is smart, reliable and benefits the humans in affordable manner is the blessing. In current tech world, people look for smart solutions to make their life easy and comfortable. So, such research has been done and researchers’ develop wood with improved cooling for homes. Wood has a series of tiny structures inside that are used to carry water and nutrients to all parts of a living tree.

Scientists have now figured out how to harness those same small structures to keep a home cool. Researchers at the University of Maryland and the University of Colorado Boulder say that the material could save 20% in AC bills.

Wood to Cool Home

Researchers have found the solution in wood which is sustainable and is already used for building homes. By using the structures found in wood, the cellulose nano-fibres and the chambers allow the passage of water and nutrients. So, by that manner, the optical properties of the wood expel the heat.

On the other hand, the wood was then compressed to restore its strength, and a super-hydrophobic compound was added to protect it. The result is a bright white building material stronger than steel that could be used to build roofs and remove heat from a building. The heat removing properties require no electricity.

It’s says that, Cooling a home in a hot environment is one of the biggest energy consumers. There is no indication of when wood of this sort might be ready for commercial deployment. According to the research, the cooling wood was tested and they found that on average. It remained five to six degrees Fahrenheit cooler than the normal temperature. In such case, even in the hottest time of the day, the wood remained cooler than air.  After that, when compared to the normal wood in sunlight, it remains 12 degrees cooler.