The smartphone may have replaced a dedicated camera for many, but the Ricoh GR III is here to remind us that’s not universally the case. It has a 28mm equivalent lens, fixed LCD touchscreen, and no viewfinder, all features it shares with most smartphones. The latest in Ricoh’s series of super-pocket able street shooters, it packs the highest resolution sensor yet with $899.

The camera is pocket sized, lightweight, and easy to use with one hand. Besides that, the shooting experience feels almost identical to shooting with a phone, with some of the same benefits and drawbacks.

Ricoh GR III Camera

Coming to tech of the camera, the GR III is a 24-megapixel APS-C sensor, the same size and a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. However the GR III packs it, and an 18.3mm f/2.8 lens, into a body that’s hardly any bigger than the Sony RX100 VI, a point-and-shoot with a much smaller 1-inch-type sensor. Furthermore, Ricoh managed to fit in a sensor-shift stabilization system, which GR II lacked. So, it stops the shakes more effectively.

Coming to other techs, it has plenty of texturing and some deftly-placed rubber makes it easy to grip, and it’s lightweight too. With stealthy street photography in mind, there’s little in the way of shiny stuff to catch the eye. Even the “GR” logo on the front is subtle.

Ricoh GR III has healthy 8MP higher in resolution, but the lens has been completely redesigned. Now, it is with a macro mode capable of focusing as close as 6 centimeters. While, the autofocus system is also new, using a combination of both phase and contrast detection.

A mode dial on top, with three user-set custom preset slots, along with two dials. It also has a jog wheel and d-pad, and ten different buttons are clustered around a 3-inch touchscreen. Alongside, it has An SDXC card slots in the bottom, adding to the 2GB of built-in storage Ricoh with the battery.