The technology is moving on and people are taking advantage of these technologies. The latest addition is field of transportation is the introduction of Robot valets. Now Robot valets are parking the cars, as these robots are operational at French airports. After a few years of testing its robot valets, Stanley Robotics will officially put its fleet to use at France’s Lyon-Saint-Exupéry airport.

Well according to test, robots are parking the cars more efficient then the owners or humans. On the other hand, Stanley Robotics works more professionally than humans, fitting 50 percent more cars into the same place.

How Robot Valets Work

The big question is how they will work and how they identity the car and its owner? The answer is given by the company Stanley Robotics; well the system works like this, customers will park their cars in special hangars where the vehicles are scanned to confirm their make and model. Then, one of Stanley’s robots slides a platform underneath the vehicle, lifts it up, and carries it away and parks it.

While talking about it functionality, The “Stan” robot valets will works by rolling to the front of the car and lifting it up, like a forklift truck. So and so, robot valets do not require drivers to hand over their keys. Travelers will just give their flight details, so the robots can automatically retrieve their car when they return.

What is logic behind these “Stan” robots, the robot doesn’t need to get in and out of the car, so there’s no need for room on either side of the vehicle. This means the cars can be packed in tighter together. Well at the London, Gatwick thinks it can replace 6,000 parking spaces with 8,500 maintained by robot valets, without increasing the size of the spaces themselves. Now the other thing is the price of the service, well the price is pretty cheap and people can check the parking and service charges on the Stanley or specific airport website.