Well it’s good news for people who have Roku devices, now the Roku devices with Alexa to give you more control. Because, Roku has announced its devices will now be compatible with Amazon’s Alexa. With the Roku devices with Alexa, its users  will be able to control their devices in order to do things like launch a channel, play or pause a show, search for entertainment options and more.

Now the company’s streaming devices and TVs are now finally works with Amazon’s voice AI, due to Roku skill for Alexa. User now can give voice commands through an Alexa-powered device, such as Amazon’s Echo speakers, and by adding “on Roku” as a suffix.

Roku Devices with Alexa

The new feature can switch Roku TVs on or off and change channels with spoken commands. User can also adjust the volume by saying “Alexa, turn up the volume on Roku.” Quite a mouthful, but certainly useful if you don’t want to be bothered finding the remote. User can also ask the voice assistant to search for entertainment (“Alexa, find [shows] on Roku”), pause your device (“Alexa, pause Roku”) and launch particular apps (e.g. “Alexa, open Hulu on Roku).

In order to access the feature, your Roku devices user must run the 8.1 or greater. If they are, then fire up the Alexa app, select TV & Video under settings and enable the skill to link your accounts.

Besides that, Roku has also managed its own voice assistant designed purposely for its platform. And that is available with a touch of a button on its voice remote. Not only with that as well as through optional accessories like its voice-powered wireless speakers, tabletop Roku Touch remote or TCL’s Roku-branded Smart Soundbar.

Earlier, Roku devices are already working work with Google Assistant-powered devices, like Google Home and Google Home Mini. This working is possible through a similar voice app.