Samsung has started rolling out a new feature for the Galaxy S10 camera called Night mode. It looks like a replacement for the original “Bright Night” feature that activated automatically. It allows to take long contact in very low-light conditions. With Night mode, user can decide when to turn the feature on and off, much as user can on Huawei’s P30 Pro or with the Pixel 3’s “Night Sight.”

Samsung is turning the Galaxy S10’s Bright Night camera feature. This allows the S10 to automatically activate a night mode for low-light shots, into its own dedicated night mode.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Night Mode

According to the news, once the update fully rolls out users will get a new night mode option for the camera. The mode can be activated by swiping, similar to other camera modes like the Panorama or Instagram modes that are built into Samsung’s camera app.

On the other hand, there are some issues as well. For example the lack of a manual night mode was one of the more confusing parts of the S10. It now allows the users choose when to use Bright Night for shots was an odd oversight, especially when compared to the Pixel 3. Google Pixels 3 allows users to toggle the long-exposure mode at will.

So, in all other shooting scenarios, the Galaxy S10 cameras produce incredible photos, and especially video. However, the highlight with this update is that you can now take photos in Night mode anytime you want, instead of the phone deciding when to take long exposure shots, which was rather problematic considering the feature only kicked in when it was extremely dark.

Taking into account that Samsung before now did all of the work to develop its own night mode feature for the S10?  It’s still good to see that the company is offering it as a full-fledged feature for those who want it.