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Skype has expanded the capacity of group calls to 50 people and has added a notification feature for such calls. It started testing both features last month, and they’ll be live for everyone. On the other hand, Skype is taking advantage on Apple’s struggles with Group FaceTime to attract attention to its own group calling features. Skype has today introduced a new calling feature with limit to 50 people.

Now With this upgradations support for more participants, Skype tops the abilities of other popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, Google Hangouts and Instagram.

Skype group call limit to 50 people

Basically Skype has doubles the limit from 25 to 50 for video or audio calls in group simultaneously. On the other hand, Instagram is on the second position now.  Instagram, and instead competes more directly with enterprise-grade calling solutions like Zoom, for example, which supports up to 100 or even 1,000 participants, depending on the plan, with up to 49 webcams displayed in its gallery view.

With the increase in the maximum number of participants now doubled, Skype has also made a few adjustments to how these larger calls start. For example, it’s added a notification to replace the ringing as the default way of getting in touch, allowing every member of the group to receive a quick ping to join the call. Skype describes the notifications as “a simple, unobtrusive way” to get calls and meetings started.

Besides that, Skype comes with more features in love with video callings. Earlier Skype has introduced some worthy features. The features include, built-in call recording, as well as the option to blur the background for distraction-free video chats. Other new features include live captions and subtitles, HD video calls, and an updated notifications panel.