Officially Skype goes live with web now; Microsoft Skype new web app is finally launched. Last year, the new web app arrived with a web version of the new cross-platform Skype app. And it brought many news offers to Skype for Web users like HD video calling, call recording, as well as Skype add-ins. The new updated version comes with an improvement and brings several features as well.

Besides all the goodness about Skype new Web, there is one drawback as well. As, this service only allows the Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome on Windows 10 and macOS 10.12. It means that Firefox, Opera and Safari users will not be able to use it.

Skype New Web

The new Skype for Web understanding is now officially live for everyone, dropping the preview tag. The new experience brings a number of enhancements and new features, such as HD video calling, call recording, and more.

While talking about the new features which Skype new web offers, first one is about the new notifications panel to allow the user see every time someone has mentioned or quoted you in the same place. After then there’s a new media gallery which contains every link or piece of media sent via a text chat, allowing you to quickly find an image that was sent without having to scroll through the rest of the text conversation. There’s also a new feature that lets you search within individual conversations.

Besides that, the Chat Media Gallery makes it easy to find files, links, and photos shared in a conversation. It does not depends upon the day or time, whether it was on yesterday or last month. So, it means user don’t have to worry or will take the pain to scroll through the chat history. Users all need to just click Gallery under the chat name to see all the files, links, and photos in the conversation.

Other than this, Skype lately upgraded to Version 8, the first to be entirely a Universal Windows app (UWP) that brings an end to Skype Classic version.