Now you don’t need to worry travelling with safest box from one place to another. Carry luggage with SU-R Hi-Tech Rooftop Storage device, the SU-R box. It can transform into luggage. So the box service many functions, besides taking you belonging, it can also serve as a rooftop storage box as well. The SU-R Box is a specially designed concept luggage that transforms into a roof box to give you more space in your car. It works to provide ample space for essentials when packing for a trip and will keep everything securely stowed thanks to a biometric fingerprint security system.

Well it says that pack your thing, which you don’t require during the journey. So, it’s better to not remove it until you arrive at your destination.

SU-R Box

Now coming to its make, it has included wheels and handle, hard shell, and sleek design are adequate to make this luggage a reliable gadget. This hi tech rooftop storage box is designed and concept achieved by Igor Jankovic. This good-looking storage solution beautifully combines the mobility of wheeled luggage with the aerodynamic and out-of-the-way form of a rooftop box.

Besides that, it’s also got other features that are even better. For instance, it has an integrated and secure biometric lock that uses your fingerprints as the password. It ensures the security of your valuable. Alongside these security features it also has an onboard power bank that can charge up your high-tech items while they’re stored inside.

Coming to its durability, it protects your car roof from scratches or damage. The design also ensures good air-flow. Other than these, it even features a built-in GPS locator, if by chance you forget, where you have place the box. While talking about some other aspects, the SU-R box is equipped with a weight indicator and there are two USB ports as well. So, you can charge your laptop or smartphone.