Besides the other things launched, Supreme has just announced branded Blu “burner phone.” And the new collection will be available on August 22nd. The phone w will available in New York, Los Angeles, London, and Paris stores. Well, done in collaboration with the smartphone manufacturer Blu, the Supreme “Burner Phone” boasts 3G capabilities. Besides that it has a built-in camera and a 16 GB memory card.

The company has collaborated with Mophie a few different times on a range of Supreme-branded battery packs. There is no price mentioned for this phone as well.

Blu Burner Phone

The phone is 3G only, and although Supreme proudly boasts that it has a “built-in camera”. Based on the design of the phone, it looks like this could be a rebranded Zoey 2.4; it means that it has a massive 2.4-inch screen and 128MB of internal memory. Supreme is selling the phone with a 16GB memory card included. Other than the 128MB of internal memory, phone has 64MB Ram as well.

On the other hand,” BLU Products CEO Sammy Ohev-Zion told, “We had tried in vain for a long time to reach out to Supreme to pitch collab ideas. It became apparent that you can’t reach out to Supreme, Supreme reaches out to you.” So, much to BLU’s excitement, Supreme finally answered its requests in hopes of reviving the classic burner phone in line with the street-wear brand’s 25th anniversary. For BLU, this burner phone collaboration was a long time in the making.

Besides that, the Burner Phone will come in both red and black colorway. And will feature a large Supreme logo across the back, as well as metallic logo detailing on the front beneath the screen.