Many of the world famous automakers are now using or looking for alternative energy and power for their vehicles. They called is that this era is the era of smart energy. Now, electrified vehicles continue sinking their hooks into new markets. Currently, all-electric vehicles are increasingly common, while electrification is present in nearly every market segment. Thus, world famous automaker Bentley is also going to occupy the space in this regard. The latest example is the new orange Bentley Bentayga Hybrid.

The Bentayga is a big SUV designed to give equally high levels of performance and luxury. It is the first Bentley’s SUV as well as its first hybrid vehicle.

The Bentley Bentayga Hybrid

The company is considering this vehicle as a “first step towards electrification”. According to the Bentley, this hybrid is actually the fourth iteration of the line, earlier released in US and UK in 2015 with a W12 gas, V8 gas and V8 diesel alternates.

The interior is a step up even from other luxury SUVs. The steering wheel is perfectly sized; the 22-way power adjustable seats are comfortable.  Besides that rich interior, talking about the infotainment, it has 8.0-inch touchscreen. Bentayga is also available with a head-up display, night vision, built-in WiFi hotspot, and two 10.2-inch Android tablets for rear-seat passengers. Bentley offers Apple CarPlay, but not Android Auto.


The SUV offers best features; the new plug-in hybrid model combines an advanced electric motor with a powerful and efficient new-generation V6 petrol engine. Besides that the hybrid version of the luxurious SUV will be the company’s most efficient model ever with CO2 emissions of 75 g/km.

Bentley says that the only visual differences between the Bentayga Hybrid and other Bentayga models are tactful “Hybrid” badges. And a charge port located near the rear of the car on the driver’s side. The exterior works very hard to advertise that the Bentayga is a Bentley, borrowing styling cues from the automaker’s models.

The Power

This hybrid SUV is equipped with turbocharged 335 hp, 3-liter V6 paired with a 94kW (126 hp) electric motor, putting out a combined 443 horses when used together. Therefore, driver can run the vehicle using just the gas engine to recharge the battery, run both for peak performance or just the e-drive when running errands around town.

On the other hand, being a plug-in hybrid, the Bentayga’s battery can also be charged directly using a household outlet in 7.5 hours or in just under 3 hours if utilizing a 220V power supply. So, on a full charge, the Bentayga offers around 30 miles of electric range. Thus, the power of engine makes this SUV to hit the 0 to 60 mph in 5.2 seconds with a top speed of 158 mph.

The Bentayga features three dedicated settings to control its electrified powertrain. These are in addition to and independent from the usual driving modes for all the other vehicle systems. The in-built modes are Sport, Bentley, Comfort, and Custom driving. Besides that the SUVS takes electricity from its lithium-ion battery pack, while EV deactivates the gas engine for all-electric driving and limits the top speed to 84 mile per hour.