If you are an avid surfer you may have your sights set on the idea of going to Hawaii or California for a surfing adventure. The only problem with some of these premier surfing destinations worldwide is that they can often grow quite expensive. If you would rather save your money and go to great surfing location, you might want to consider some of these best budget surfing travel destinations instead:

Phuket Thailand:

Phuket has had time to recover after the natural disaster of the tsunami that struck this area several years ago. From May to September this is a popular travel destination especially for surfers. There are plenty of secluded spots along the Andaman sea and a number of outlying islands where you can experience some outrageous landscapes while you are out in the water. Pansea beach can deliver some wonderful thrills for experienced surfers here.

Puerto Escondido:

This is one of the best kept secrets in Mexico and it’s also an extremely affordable location for many backpackers, surfers and families. You would be surprised to know that you can often find rooms for less than $50 a night here and everything from your food to your flight is available at a great rate too.

Agadir Morocco:

This hidden gem in Morocco is actually one of the best surf breaks in Africa. Imagine seeing wild camels walking down the beach as you’re catching a wave. You can spend the morning in the market from December to February and then hit the conditions in the afternoon when they can be at their best. Keep in mind that this can be a fairly conservative Muslim country so writing with a wet suit here is a must!

Remember some of these top destinations if you are planning on finding a travel destination where you can surf for less!